MFO | Multi Family Office® assisting each family as a precious possession.

A comprehensive Family Wellness concept, focused on Family Health, as a good in itself and as a factor that allows you to maximize the benefits of accumulated wealth.

Our Goals

and provide our services for each family, making the most of our partnerships in order to increase efficiency and create value.

family health and protect its assets, by identifying and optimising the main risk factors.

monitoring by experienced professionals, providing services with respect for high ethical principles.


Integrated and professional understanding of the family’s needs
Sharing of best practises
Confidentiality, discretion, and independence
Risks monitoring
Counselling at the highest ethical standards

At MFO | Multi-Family Office® we plan and manage the various services required by the family in an integrate
d way.


We are focused on the most exclusive Customer of all: the Family.

Advisory, administration, taxation, planning and promotion of business acts, family governance, support services.

Personalized medical services by in house clinical staff. Telephone support in the context of Medical Coordination, to ensure an exclusive service.

Serving foreign clients, facilitating the investment and installation process in Portugal.

Insurance Mediation, with a distinctive service, direct customer support in policy negotiations with the most relevant insurance companies in the market.

Real estate consultancy, project management, technical reviews, professional administration, and property valuation.


We share a culture of excellence and a passion for customer service.

The promoters' experience includes the launch of the largest private bank in Portugal and the leading health insurer in Portugal.

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